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Building & Project Management Services

Property Investors / HMO's

Over the last couple of years we have successfully completed 8 HMO projects for 3 different property investors.

Our involvement starts with viewing various properties with each of the investors and providing a detailed guidance on cost of the renovations and advise on what work could be done to achieve the conversion to an HMO until a suitable house was found and the purchase completed. 

Once the purchase was completed start on the works commenced and generally completed in 12 - 14 weeks depending on scope of works required.

Generally the works included:-

Stripping out / demolitions

Electrical works (emergency lighting, data, power point additions)

Replacing boiler and moving to loft

New partitions forming new bedrooms / en suites

Under ground drainage

Fitting out of new en suites / replacing existing bathroom suits

Replacing doors with new fire doors, complete with intumescent strips, door closers etc.

New kitchen

Complete redecorations

Floor coverings

Having now completed this number of HMO / conversions we are in a great position to help new investors add value to their property and ensure the maximum returns are obtained whilst ensuring compliance Building Regulations and the requirements of the HMO licensing officer

We would welcome the opportunity to help in your next HMO / investment purchase and renovation works.